Phenomena, the self & relationships.

ok so everything in my mind relates to something else. Like a sound you here outside your window without looking, your fairly certain it has a source.  the memory is a vast storage of sensations and i recall them when prompted by other sensations. The sensations are not always drawn from the outside as I am a body of many parts which through their own experience and chemical workings influence my mind.

The self is then an interplay between sensations outside and inside although no clear distinction between outside and inside are neccessary and no determined value holds one sensation over the other on a permanent basis. This doesn’t quite explain Me as such or my identity. If all we were was an elaborate and reactionary sensation barometer there would be little cohesion in our lives and little by way of a normal experience for which we could confidently call our self. The answer to this can be found in elaborating one of the most regular sensations in our lives, the presence of other people and our countinued evolution of those sensations over time.

If we were in a troubling situation and we wished to out compete somebodies fight or flight instincts in order to gain their help we would need to have imposed a clear message of who we were. Emphasis on stability helps us to influence the memory of other people. If  the sensation of Me can compete upon their reactionary sensation barometer with other stimulus they will be better inclined to help, but if we are a continual chaos of sensation and reaction then the sensation of us may not succeed in the mind of another over other sensations. Script writers have to be very careful when killing off a main character but will happily dispose of thousands of extras.

Also, characters who are the most strongly felt for, usually have some close relationship to instinctual experience, such as Jungs archetypes. What we do Is forge the chaos of ourselves into stable, instinctually moulded characters. The stronger you represent an instinct and the more often you achieve this representation the more popular you will become. But how the hell do you achieve such a representation? remember that I can only bounce off interpretations of my instinctual experience onto you, you must then interpret that interpretation, with no guarantee of correctness at any level whatsoever. We must look to the powerless and how they behave when overpowered. Then we try and try to achieve that reaction from ourselves